Sacred Sound Activation

Journey into the metaphysics of throat chakra, the creativity of embodiment work and the transformational power of your voice.
"O, how wonderful is the human voice!
It is indeed the organ of the soul!"
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Your voice matters.
Your voice is powerful.
Your voice represents the sacred transmission you are here to embody and express.
Your voice is an instrument of soul.

Your voice is much more than just the way you sound. Symbolically, your 'voice' represents your expression, which includes your experience, awareness, attitude, perspective, feeling, presentation, flavor, impact and more. It represents the energy you exude, your beautiful heart/soul/spirit in action.

And you've likely been conditioned to keep it quiet, maybe literally, but surely figuratively.

Let's be honest, in our current climate of social media and consumerism, there's a lot of pressure to conform and assimilate to the latest lifestyle trend or formula for success. And dealing with this constant pressure often results in a form of autopilot being + doing that counters your authentic nature, stifles your creativity, and suppresses your unique expression (hello, capitalist patriarchy!).

Vocal Embodiment Work is a creative practice of both unbecoming (deconditioning) and embodying (integrating) your whole self, your authentic and creative humanity as a soul embodied being. Your voice is an organ of deconditioning and rewilding. It is an organ of integration and expression.
And it is always authentically yours. 

What if you could implement a practice with your throat chakra that not only deepened your relationship with the divine as it exists within you, but also deepened your appreciation of your humanity and embodied experience?  What if you could consciously partner with your voice, to grow confidence in your unique values, vision and purpose, to exercise your agency as soul embodied? What if cultivating relationship with your sacred sound was key to embodying your magic and living fully expressed?

Enter, Sacred Sound Activation!

Explore and experience the transformative power of your voice and throat chakra!
Journey through metaphysical concepts on light, sound and soul + investigate and experiment with embodied exercises
to support relationship building with your sacred sound and the cultivation of your own somatic language of light practice.

The On-Demand Course Includes:
4 Modules of Exploration & Embodiment
Over 3 Hours of Video Content
Printable PDF's + Integrative Journal Prompts
Exercises to Incorporate Into Your Practice
Experimental Trance Journeys
Downloadable Meditations
Video Captions + Course Transcripts
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Course Curriculum


Access this Free Course Preview to discover what Vocal Embodiment work looks like and how you can use the resources in this course to develop your own transformational vocal practice.

This free course preview will give you a sneak peak
into how you can harness the power of your
throat chakra and voice for soul embodied transformation.

As a soul embodied, you are always creating, whether consciously or passively. Therefore, you are always embodying something.
Embodiment is a creative act. Yet, as I mentioned, there is a lot of pressure in the world that results in us falling into autopilot modes of operations and/or conforming to inauthentic ways of being.
Which is why having tools, techniques and practices that actively exercise your soul's unique creativity and conscious choice is so important.

Creation is a cycle, a process of dematerialization and rematerialization. And your throat chakra happens to be the center that manages the alchemical manifestation processes of dematerialization and rematerialization, of energetic catabolism and anabolism. It is the center of synthesis and synergy.

I've found that when we can take ourselves less seriously, we create space for bold, courageous, expansive and innovative acts.
In this world, exercising your creative expression is a necessary act of liberatory nurturing of your humanity, as soul embodied.

So let me ask you this...

Are you dimming your light to fit in?
Are you afraid of your own power?
Are you holding back from living fully expressed?

This course is designed to take you through a process of exploration + experimentation with your voice so that you can cultivate deeper relationship with your throat chakra, creative agency and soul transmission.

Think about it.
If you could be so wild, expressive and free with yourself through intuitive vocal work, how would that impact your life outside of your practice space?
How would that level of vulnerability with yourself impact your capacity for courage and self-trust?
How would that level of intimacy with yourself impact your capacity to exercise your voice and agency when it mattered most?

If you are ready to boldly embrace your soul's unique light,
If you are ready to exercise your self-trust muscles,
If you are ready for a somatic exploration into your values + vision,
Sacred Sound Activation is for you :)

Kelsey Kinsey White

“The voice is an energetic tool designed to help you discover and activate your authentic self
so that you can embody the creative and purposeful vision your soul intended for this life."

course praise

I had no idea this was EXACTLY what I needed to move up with my practice.

I see my voice has always been an integral part of myself. I claim her again. I have worth. My voice matters. I reclaim my voice.

So powerful! Covered in goosebumps as I watch

Thank you so much! This was so beautiful.

Thank you for everything, Kelsey, this class was so great!!!

I look forward to continuing to learn and grow from this experience. Much love and gratitude!

I've found that building my self-acceptance and ability to sit with discomfort has greatly impacted the way I inhabit the world, go after my dreams and show-up for myself. But it has also dramaticaaly transformed my capacity to show up, relate, hold space for, accept and support others.
And my voice is my #1 personal tool for self-acceptance, emotional processing and nervous system regulation.

These days, a lot of personal transformation work focuses on the mental planes, rewriting mind scripts, building new mindsets and rewiring the brain.
But what if your body is your brain? What if working with your body, through the voice, was a way to soften old holding patterns and create space for building new ways of behaving, expressing and showing up in the world?

Your body is simultaneously a map of your past and the instrument of your potential.
Body work, through the voice, is one of the many ways that you can exercise your creativity muscles, and in doing so:
• loosen the grip of old habits, behaviors and patterns of being + doing
• invite somatic openness + space for conscious choice and repatterning
• build skills for sitting with and processing the embodied human experience
• play in the receivership space of inspiration, innovation and liberation
• practice personifying your values + vision through authentic expression
• develop your personal relationship with self as a creative soul embodied being

When mindset strategies and affirmations are falling flat in your personal growth or transformation processes, you know it's time to incorporate some embodied creativity and somatic expression tools that allow you to exercise your agency and get into action as a creative and innovative change maker.

This course is a combination of esoteric ideas to inspire your journey and grounded, practical application to support your personal practice as soul embodied.
With the Sacred Sound Activation course, you can instantly start exploring and expressing your self, soul, values and vision in a somatic way.
And if you've made it this far, you are ready to take a dive into the embodied magic of your voice and sacred sound!


Access this Free Course Preview to discover the transformation power of your voice and how you can use it to Activate Presence, Process Emotional Energy, Regulate Your Nervous System, and Flex Your Creativity & Self-Expression Muscles

This free course preview will give you a sneak peak
into how you can harness the power of your
throat chakra and voice for soul embodied transformation.


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    Journey into the metaphysics of embodied creator-energy, throat chakra, your sacred soul sound and the language of light.

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  • 4 Modules of Exploration & Embodiment
  • Over 3 Hours of Video Content
  • Printable PDF's + Integrative Journal Prompts
  • Vocal Exercises to Incorporate into Your Practice
  • Experimental Trance Journeys
  • Downloadable Meditations
  • Video Captions + Transcripts
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