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  • The 6 pieces to your personalized 90-day purpose & profit plan     
  • The benefits of having a 90-day system in your business and why it works     
  • The biggest energetic blocks to success with your 90-day plan so you can get ahead of the game!     
  • How to work your plan so that it actually works for you! (hint: its the inner-work that makes the strategy work!)
  • What a 3 Month (90-DAY) 1:1 Coaching relationship looks like so you can decide if applying for a Free Case-Study Coaching Package is right for you

This class did give me the template that I needed in a way that I could understand, a way that I could implement. You know, of course, it's my responsibility to go consistent with it and to go deeper with it and to keep practicing. Like Kelsey said, it's a practice not a one and done.

I really felt like I got so much out of your 90 day plan idea. It will allow me to have a specific focus each week, so that way I will know what I'm focusing on for those 90 days, and I will be able to create my action steps each week based on that.


Listen Soulpreneur, the strategy is easy. 

It doesn't matter if you want to sell on facebook, instagram or something else. Sales psychology and marketing principles tell us the formula for a successful business is this --> get visible, build relationships, solve a problem and sell a deeper experience.

The hard work is getting out of your own way & staying in it.

And that's why having a system that... ↓

 >> Allows you to step into your power and regulate to new modes of being + doing <<

>> Creates a container for incremental growth <<

>> Allows you to face your blocks, limiting patterns and avoidance behavior and move through them to the other side <<

>> Creates the energetic momentum for expansion <<

>> Allows you to grow into the version of yourself you need to become to run + hold the energy of a thriving, successful and impactful business << so important for your long-term success as a soulpreneur. This is about the long-game, about the vision you are stepping into.

What leads to frustration, burnout and the hamster wheel of hustle without results anyway??

Overworking to avoid your human experience (aka all the feels). Yeah, I said it.

Tell me if this sounds like you 👇

  • You spread the word on your social media channels that you're open for business, but when your announcement doesn't go viral you stop showing up to talk about your offer, yet behind the scenes you rework all your branding and website copy cuz that's the problem, right? (aka overworking to avoid the feeling of vulnerability)
  • You make a plan to sell your latest service, but after only a couple people buy, you decide to stop advertising that thing and start working on the next project cuz you gotta keep it moving, right? (aka overworking to avoid the feeling of disappointment)
  • You launch your new program with a goal to get x amount of sign-ups, but after posting about it for a week with only a few likes you pull the plug mid-launch and start reworking your entire business model cuz clearly you're doing it wrong, right? (aka overworking to avoid the feeling of failure)

Let's be honest, your dreams business lies on the other side of you stepping more deeply into that empowered future self that is already living the dream. 

So what if you could build a system that allowed you to grow into the the BEINGNESS required to run + hold the energy of your dream business? A system that made it easier to notice your limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging patter and avoidance behaviors?

There isn't a secret strategy that will save you.
There isn't a flawless formula for success.

It's about creating the best conditions you can for your growth process, so that you can accelerate your expansion, move through challenges faster and trust yourself to do big things. And I know this 90-day system can help you create those conditions.

During this Masterclass, you'll learn how to build your own personalized
90-day quarterly planning system that supports the practical + energetic aspects of you and your biz.
We're putting it all together so you can... 

   >> Work smarter not harder in your biz: think strategic moves that build momentum over time <<

>> Prioritize your energy, well-being, pleasure and joy <<

>> Simplify your processes and spend less time worrying about how to show-up for your business <<

>> Cultivate your desired business experience while working towards the big vision <<

>> Focus your energy into specific goals instead of overworking yourself thin trying to be everywhere at once <<

>> Save time and energy because you know exactly what your next step is <<


  • You're a womxn and new-ish soulpreneur (maybe you're brand new or maybe you've been at this a bit!) who has magic + medicine to share but you haven't been able to reach your business goals yet
  • You are driven, open to challenging your own beliefs about what is possible and ready to show-up big for your business dreams within a 90-day container
  • You've made some money here and there but are ready to systematize your business activities for more sustainable and reliable income
  • You've been building your biz around "flow" but want to incorporate planning and structure for more reliable ease and freedom 
  • You are ready to leverage social media in a strategic way with a 90-day plan to sell your product or service


  • You already have a thriving business that allows you to share your magic + medicine and get paid for it 
  • You are unable to commit to a 90-day action plan 
  • You are building your biz but don't yet have a product or service to sell 
  • You already have a sales process you love that generates the results you desire You don't want to use social media to build your biz